Rock Collecting Gone Wild!
Lisa Byrd 
Curator, Designer, Forger
Midwife & Metalsmith

 Earthy & Birthy Jewelry
Wearable Art for Passionate People!

Hollow Creek Jewelry is just one of the “sunset chapters” of Lisa Byrd‘s life story. 

Wow...that sounded dramatic lol. 

Seriously though...
I am a midwife and a metalsmith. I celebrate life daily and respect all of creation, including humans. 

That said, you KNOW there's gonna be some Birth Jewelry going on!

My designs flow from the beauty and vibe of living in my happy little “fixer-upper” lake cabin, in the heart of South Carolina. 

I gravitate towards water, rocks & stones, trees, the sun, the moon, stars and nature. 

My jewelry interpretation is a bit rustic and organic. Like nature!

It may sound weird but, gemstones whisper what they want, to ultimately showcase their beauty. That’s where it starts for me.

Being still and listening. I can do that here.

Here’s to celebrating life with the fun and the funky and CHEERS to No Boring Jewelry!

My inspiration...The Beautiful Lake Murray!
The many faces of the water here. 
The many facets of the sky. 
The many moods of the weather. 
The vibrant colors of flora. 
The abundance of life.

Lake Murray… The Jewel of South Carolina!

On a more personal note:). I’m a veteran homebirth midwife (old midwife lol) who recently came to the realization that I can’t ever retire unless I have a decent backup plan. 

Birthin’ babies is hard work!  Mostly for the mamas but being on call 24/7/365 for nearly 20 years takes its toll. No joke!!

At first, I dabbled, then seriously played as a hobbyist metalsmith for about 15 years. 

2020 kinda kicked my butt (into gear). We all have a 2020 story to share, I’m sure.

I decided to go big or go home with this crazy metal-smithing passion and Hollow Creek Jewelry was rebranded and BORN!

I’d like to say I’m in my forever home. Please, God, I hope so:) After I bought the “little fixer-upper” on Lake Murray, ANNND, 3 years later, my studio is again fully functional. I am ECSTATIC!!!

Give me some fire, some tools (ALL the tools!!), precious metal, some beautifully inspiring gemstones, and incredible, inspirational surroundings and I’m totally in my happy place!

It's cathartic playing in my studio. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do:)

xxoo, Lisa