Handmade Jewelry CARE

  • Protect your jewelry from scratches, abrasions and tarnish by storing in a soft, dry and dark place.
    • Airtight , out of direct sunlight...stored with a tarnish protector strip, will keep it cleaner, longer. I've included one for you:)
  • Avoid contact with water or liquids. Do not wear your jewelry in the shower or bath, at the spa, in swimming pools or during sports.
    • I've included a Sunshine Polishing Cloth with your order, to clean your piece, as needed. 
  • Perfumes, hairspray, lotions and cosmetics may damage the piece and dull the gemstones.
    • It's best to put all jewelry on last:) 
  • The natural wear of precious metals, over time, create oxidation of certain elements and are a part of each piece’s creative process and story.