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Blue Rose Cut Sapphire and Labradorite Fish Pendant, Set in Sterling Silver


OK here’s where my naming-of-pieces, falls down lol. This upcoming line of fishy pendants need names.

I just don’t have it in me to look up what kinds of fish I created, haha. I just went with what I liked :-)

We’re gonna call these, Name that Fish!

The best name, chosen from the comments below, gets awe, fame, high-fives, and notoriety!
Bring your humor too:)

Flashy blue Labradorite and dark blue rose-cut Sapphire, set in a darkened Sterling Silver fish pendant.
Comes with your choice of a 16, 17, or 18 inch, black leather necklace, finished with a hand-forged sterling silver hook and eye.
Happy fishing!

Note: Please message me with your order with your preferred necklace length. If I don't get that info from you, it will ship with a standard 18" leather necklace.


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