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Tanzanite Necklace, Sterling Necklace, Passages Necklace, Portals, Artisan Necklace, One of a Kind


The Crown II

A transformative journey for the soul. The point of passage!

In some spiritual traditions, crowning is seen as a symbol of the divine feminine and the power of creation. It is believed that the mother's body is a vessel for the divine and that the moment of crowning is a sacred and transformative moment for both mother and child.

The Crowning is also a symbol of rebirth and renewal. No matter where you are in life!

May this one-of-a-kind pendant remind you that passages are meant to be traversed. You are meant to live free, on the other side!

Tanzanite is a relatively rare gemstone, only mined in Tanzania. It is thought to support feeling peaceful and calm.

Textured and Darkened Sterling Pendant with Bi-Color (blue/green), Rose Cut Tanzanite!

Comes with your choice of 18", 17" or 16" black, Leather necklace, hand finished with a Sterling Silver hook and eye clasp.