With Open Arms ~ Tree of Life Necklace ~ Hubei Turquoise, Ethiopian Opal, Sterling Silver


Symbolism. Do you have a personal connection to the Tree of Life?

For me, it symbolizes the totality of all that is good in the world.

I embrace all that is good, with open arms. May I always walk in gratitude:)

Hubei Turquoise, Ethiopian Opal, Sterling Silver Pendant.
2 1/4" x 1 1/4" Pendant
With an 18" Black Leather Necklace, Hand Finished with Sterling Silver Hook and Eye Clasp.

We spring from one great tree of life; when the root of the tree is watered with love, we all thrive. Janet Autherine

Love is the sap of the tree of Life. Banani Ray

The Gay, the Straight, the Preacher,
The privileged, the homeless, the Teacher.
They all hear
The speaking of the Tree.
They hear the first and last of every Tree
Speak to humankind today. Come to me, here beside the River.
Plant yourself beside the River.
Maya Angelou


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