Opal Rose ~ Ethiopian Opal and Natural Chalcedony Rose Necklace, Set in Sterling Silver


Red, Green, and Yellow Fire inside of this flashy Ethiopian Opal, depending on the angle you look at it. It's pretty hard to capture in photos, unfortunately.

Opal is set, Stone on Druzy Stone, atop a naturally occurring Chalcedony Rose and set within Sterling Silver prongs.

People love to ogle unique stones;) It's a definite attention-getter!

If you love Gems and Minerals, this pendant has them both!

It reminds me of a beautiful seedling inside of a uterus, of course. I'm a midwife and I tend to think that way, lol.

What do you see? What does it remind you of?

Sorry if you can't un-see a uterus:)

Comes with your choice of 16", 17' or 18" Leather Necklace, hand finished with a Sterling Silver Hook and Eye Clasp.


  • 16" Necklace
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  • 17" Necklace
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  • 18" Necklace
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  • Other lengths on request
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