Sapphire Rose ~ Pink Rose-Cut Sapphire set Stone on Stone , Prong Set in Sterling Silver


This Lady Pops! People love to ogle unique stones;)

If you love Gems and Minerals, this pendant has them both!

Flashy Rose-Cut Pink Sapphire sits atop a Sweet, Naturally-Occuring Chalcedony Rose. Stone on Druzy Stone with prong settings.

It reminds me of a beautiful seedling inside of a uterus, of course. I'm a midwife and I tend to think that way, lol.

What do you see? What does it remind you of?

Sorry if you can't un-see a uterus:)

Comes with your choice of 16", 17' or 18" Leather Necklace, hand finished with a Sterling Silver Hook and Eye Clasp.


  • 16" Necklace
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  • 17" Necklace
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  • 18" Necklace
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